Robin Earle, BMus (Hons) Lond AGSM
Clarinet, Saxophone and Theory
Music Saxophone Clarinet
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Saxophonist Subjects

My principal subjects are clarinet, saxophone, and theory. I can also offer flute and recorder, having successfully taken students to Grade 8 in these subjects. In diploma work I also cover theoretical and academic subjects, and provide support for GCSE and A Level examinations. I also provide comprehensive cover for those taking Grade Theory examinations as part of, or separate from, their instrumental lessons.


There is a myth abroad today that there is some miraculous solution to gain musical expertise. That is all it is, a myth. When one studies the careers of good musicians, the constant theme is practice, practice and yet more practice. Whilst at the Guildhall I had the opportunity to join the very first jazz course, with such fellow students as Dave Holland, Barry Guy, Chris Laurence and Paul Rutherford. After leaving the Guildhall, I studied early music for a while, working with Phillip Pickett on recorder and crumhorn. This experience has stood me in good stead when performing and teaching all types of music, and understanding how professionals develop and work.


Unless one teaches properly, untold harm can arise from poor technique. Just how many people have given up in frustration due to poor tuition? If one fails to establish proper principles, especially for children, then what results is 'straw in the wind'. Amateurs may be able to impart some knowledge, but the professional musician takes a longer view of what is important. In my private practice I teach at all levels, from those taking diplomas to children taking their Grade examinations. However, I never insist that people study to take examinations, but I will support fully all those who wish or need to take examinations, as I also fully support those who simply want to learn to play for pleasure. Children are encouraged to join local school orchestras and groups. Adults are also encouraged to join groups where such groups exist in this area. I also encourage students to enter local music festivals. Additionally I undertake coaching and ensemble work for those wishing to enter for auditions, examinations, or concert work.


Lessons are held in a dedicated music room, and I have an extensive reference library of records, music, and books dealing with all types of musical subjects. I also advise clarinettist and saxophonists on instruments, reeds, and mouthpieces. With a comprehensive database, I can advise students as to their best choice of equipment.

Fees and Payments

All fees are in line with guidelines issued by the Musicians Union, of which I am a member. Fees are normally paid six weeks in advance although longer periods are negotiable, discounts being available for such bookings. There is a special discount rate for children and for pupils from the same family. In addition, I have been CRB cleared on the enhanced disclosure list for working with children.