Robin Earle, BMus (Hons) Lond AGSM
Clarinet, Saxophone and Theory
Music Saxophone Clarinet
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    FAQ Q.1 How often are the lessons?
    A. Lessons are weekly, observing generally the school year, with termly and half-termly breaks

    Q.2 Will I need an instrument?
    A. The student must provide an instrument - however, I occasionally have good quality clarinets for sale or hire.

    Many music shops have a scheme whereby you may hire an instrument, and should you decide to keep it the rental fee is then deducted from the price. For school children, the Assisted Purchase scheme enables you to buy through your school and not pay the VAT.

    Q.3 How much do you charge?
    A. I base my fees upon the recommendations of the Musicians Union, with a significant discount for those at school. Fees are payable six weeks in advance, and those opting to pay ten weeks in advance will enjoy a modest discount.

    Q.4 How long are the lessons?
    A. Most lessons are for 30'. For the younger student there is a 20' option whilst the more advanced will either take a 40' or 60' lesson to cover their requirements.

          As a guide -
                      Grades 1-2 = 20'
                      Grades 3-5 = 30'
                      Grades 6 + = 40'
                      Grades 7-8+ = 60'